Bots for Real Estate Agencies and Realtors

Real estate agencies and sales departments must constantly engage with the market to meet sales targets. This involves calls, viewings, inquiries, and lead generation. Relying solely on employees for these tasks is costly and time-consuming. TEMVOX products offer a solution.

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Bots for Real Estate Agencies and Realtors

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- If the company is a developer in multiple cities, it has to maintain a large number of employees to accommodate different time zones.
- Cold calling for attracting new clients has a low conversion rate, and employees responsible for it may experience emotional burnout.
- During a high volume of calls (e.g., during a real estate market downturn), a manager may not always be able to answer all incoming inquiries, resulting in lost or unprocessed calls.
- The contact line often deals with non-targeted calls (e.g., advertising).

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In real estate, swiftly and accurately communicating with clients is crucial. A handy method to achieve this is via phone calls, leading to the necessity of making cold calls and planning client meetings. This puts strain on contact centers, but can be mitigated by investing saved budgets into company growth.
TEMVOX voice bots can alleviate your company's incoming call load:
They answer calls instantly and can handle thousands at once.
They filter out unwanted calls such as ads, only analysing targeted ones.
They update clients about new real estate offerings and assist with property pre-selection.
They record client requests in the company's CRM or an electronic spreadsheet.
They automatically produce reports on call analytics.
For clients who prefer messaging apps or website interactions, TEMVOX chatbots, integrated with popular platforms, perform similar functions.

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The company often faces the task of conveying necessary information to clients on a large scale - either to all of them or to a substantial sample. For instance, about a price reduction on a preferred flat or a new lucrative offer. Such information appears almost every day, making it routine. Can a manager perform such work? Yes, but it would take a lot of working hours, and the human factor in such tasks is not always a positive aspect. The chat and voice bot TEMVOX helps save time and money on such tasks. This allows specialists to concentrate on more important work.
Voice bots TEMVOX can call everyone much faster, make multiple call attempts if needed, and make sure to wait for the subscriber's response and record it. Additionally, they will automatically generate a report and analytics on the call results.
Chat bots TEMVOX will do the same, but in messengers or through email based on the customer database. It is possible to do without bots - in that case, the TEMVOX.Message distribution service will be helpful.

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Finding clients is one of the key and ongoing tasks of companies. However, since the real estate purchasing process takes a lot of time, it is important to retain clients. That's why it is crucial in this industry to both seek new clients and retain old ones. Advertising newsletters and calls can help in maintaining interest.
Voice bots by TEMVOX perform lead generation based on the client database. When making calls, they can promote a service or offer lucrative real estate options. The conversation will follow a flexible multi-option scenario, and the client can ask questions, with the response being recorded in your system regardless. After the call, the bots automatically generate a report and analytics on the call results. TEMVOX chatbots will be useful when it's necessary to notify potential clients and generate new leads, solely through messengers or email.
Moreover, it is an excellent way to reactivate a long-unattended or outdated client database.


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