Voice robot

Temvox bots converse seamlessly like humans, with a flexible dialogue, voice-over, speech synthesis, and noise-resistant word recognition


Call your customers
in 4 simple steps:


Registration in
personal account

Creating in the constructor
without programming or
choosing a ready-made option

Setting up a task without

Loading the contact
database and starting a call

Upon registration in your personal account, an automated test bot will be promptly loaded. Our managers are available to provide support at every stage.

Use audio bots for:


Lidogeneration from worm database

Reduce the cost and automate lead generation with TEMVOX products. Increase conversions and reduce the cost of leads.


Reducing the load on the call centre

The platform will assist in automatically recording call information, generating a report, and sending it in a pre-made format to the operator for further processing, thereby relieving employees from mundane tasks.


Resuscitation of the client base

Effectively reactivate the old customer base, increasing loyalty, storing and accumulating information about potential customers for use in sales.


Service and technical support

Good support costs a lot of money and takes a lot of effort and resources of the organization. Today it can be cheaper and automate repetitive processes.


Receiving and processing orders and delivery

You can launch a bot and set up phone notifications about order status changes, or turn on the robot for incoming calls to process requests from consumers, which will increase the profit of your online store or other business.


Data reception and reconciliation

Receiving data from your consumers in automatic mode — for example, meter readings. An intelligent bot will compare them in a dialogue, answer questions and even resolve controversial issues without connecting an operator.


Informing customers

Inform thousands of users at the same time, send payment details after the robot's call, update information about the subscriber while maintaining the confidentiality of personal data.


Conducting surveys and market research

Through automated surveys after each sale, you can find weaknesses in the company's activities and understand how to improve the quality of service.


Thousands of other tasks

The more you introduce smart bots into various customer communications, the more new areas of their application you begin to see.

Give communication the power
of artificial intelligence:


Realistic speech (dictation and synthesis)


Flexible dialog scripts with variables


Configuring scripts without programming


Natural speech recognition with a quality higher than 97%


Recognition of the emotional state and adjustment to it


Confident operation in noise conditions


Stable operation at high line load


The subscriber's ability to interrupt the bot


Easily switch to an operator anytime, with access to the full conversation
history. The program utilizes speech recognition to identify the appropriate department, swiftly directing the client's call.


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