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Flawless communication is vital for successful E-commerce. It goes beyond just a functional website; reliable order processing, customer support, and delivery are crucial too. This requires fast, affordable, and high-quality customer communication. TEMVOX products are essential for achieving this.

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Bots for Transport and Logistics Companies

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- The workload on call centre operators during peak times increases to enormous levels, which affects the quality of order reception. - Due to the absence of available operators, customers have to wait a long time for a response on the line. - Companies' contact centres are constantly in need of new employees due to high staff turnover, which requires extensive training and consumes a lot of time and resources. - Operators are unable to cope with a large number of accumulated goods for distribution, which hinders other system processes.

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Today, there is intense competition among transport companies, so efficiency and speed offer significant advantages. Speed is achieved by automating as many processes as possible. In this industry, work confusion is a costly error that should be avoided whenever feasible. TEMVOX provides the perfect solution. TEMVOX voice bots are capable of easing the burden on your company's incoming telephone line: - The bot will promptly answer calls, as it has the capacity to handle thousands of calls concurrently. - It will filter out irrelevant calls, such as advertisements. - It will provide customers with information regarding package delivery dates, locations, status and route details, as well as service prices. - It will accept delivery requests and incorporate them into your company's CRM or a simple electronic spreadsheet. - It will direct the request to the appropriate specialist. - It will automatically generate reports and analytics on all incoming calls and the outcomes of their processing. For customers who prefer using messengers or placing orders through the website, TEMVOX chatbots effectively perform similar functions. They can easily integrate with popular messengers, social networks, and can also be implemented as a dialogue widget on the company's website.

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Transport company operators must regularly make various types of calls to manage cargo delivery, storage periods, and delays. This requires coordination and involvement at different levels, increasing the likelihood of errors. However, TEMVOX voice bots can expedite calls, retry when needed, record subscriber responses, and generate reports and analytics. TEMVOX chatbots offer similar functions through messengers or email, utilizing the customer database. If bots aren't desired, TEMVOX's message distribution service can assist.

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As logistic services are not frequently utilized by people, it is crucial to offer more enticing deals than rival companies to establish a loyal customer base. Achieving this necessitates advertising through telephone and messaging platforms. TEMVOX voice bots carry out lead generation based on the customer database and can promote the latest offers during outbound calls. The conversation will adhere to a flexible multi-variant script, with the response being recorded in your system. Following the call, the bots will automatically generate a report and analytics based on the call results. TEMVOX chatbots will exclusively inform potential customers and generate new leads via messengers or email. This approach also presents a great opportunity to revive a long-neglected or outdated customer base.


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