Bots for Transport and Logistics Companies

Transport and logistics companies manage cargo/passenger flow and information, including delivery, notifications, driver interaction, costs, orders, and customer acquisition. Effective market communication is crucial. TEMVOX products automate processes and cut costs.

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Ai bots for online retail

Why are calls through the call centre worse? down arrow

- In online retail, it is not uncommon for the API to fail to integrate with internal systems.
- Operators do not always achieve the desired conversion rate.
- If the retailer is a foreign company, developers and representatives may face misunderstandings.

Taking orders over the phone down arrow

Phone calls remain important in most online stores as a quick and reliable way to communicate with customers. Effective management of incoming and outgoing calls is crucial in retail. Typically, these calls provide essential information such as delivery dates and pickup locations, making them suitable for delegation to a bot.
TEMVOX voice bots can assist in easing the workload on your company's phone line:
- The bot promptly answers calls, capable of handling multiple calls simultaneously.
- It filters out non-targeted calls, like adverts.
- The bot updates customers with order details.
- It processes order requests, integrating them into your company's CRM or electronic spreadsheet.
- Automatic reports and analytics are generated on all incoming calls and their outcomes.
For those preferring messaging apps or making online payments, TEMVOX chatbots offer similar capabilities. They seamlessly integrate with popular platforms and can be embedded as dialogue widgets on your company's website.

Customer information down arrow

Online retail heavily relies on advertising. Regularly updating customers about promotions, sales, and new collections is crucial. Providing a comfortable customer experience and addressing inquiries, product guidance, and order follow-ups are essential tasks.
TEMVOX voice bots efficiently call customers, making multiple attempts, documenting responses, and generating reports. TEMVOX chat bots achieve the same goals through messaging apps or email, utilizing customer data.
While bots are useful, the TEMVOX.Message mailing service can assist in managing without them.

Selling services and finding customers down arrow

Without specialist tools, online shops struggle to manage the workload of advertising new products and reminding customers of discounts. TEMVOX voice bots automate the calling process, generating leads, promoting services and products, explaining payment options, and recording responses. The bots also generate reports and analytics after the call. TEMVOX chatbots inform potential buyers and attract leads through messengers or email. It is also an excellent method to reactivate a long-neglected or outdated customer database.


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