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The IT and telecoms industry is known for its technical advancements and heavy automation. However, areas like marketing communications, customer discovery, and service sectors are often left manual. However, this can be achieved efficiently by using TEMVOX AI and next-gen bots.

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How do bots create competitive advantages for IT and telecom companies?

How to avoid irritating customers with a voice menu? down arrow

A decade ago, customers often had to navigate voice menus to access information when calling telecommunications, internet service providers, or software solutions providers. This was considered advanced back then. However, nowadays, a voice menu suggests that a company is outdated and not prioritizing user convenience. The costly option of reintroducing live operators to call centers isn't necessary. Intelligent TEMVOX bots can solve this problem more easily. With a 97% accuracy in recognizing natural speech, these bots engage in human-like conversations. TEMVOX bots understand the intentions of callers, follow a flexible script, and utilize customer information from the CRM system, anticipating and meeting their needs. They also generate reports and analytics from the conversations. TEMVOX chat bots work similarly, operating within messaging platforms or chat widgets on websites.

How to quickly inform customers about new products and promotions, and send notifications? down arrow

Using TEMVOX products will help you organize the process of informing and notifying customers - from the simplest to more complex stages. For this purpose, it is convenient to use the TEMVOX.Message mailing service. It works through various communication channels - from SMS and email to all popular messengers. The message can include contact details or links, as well as attached necessary images and document files. There is automatically generated analytics on the results of the mailings, including the status of received messages.

How to quickly organize quality technical support if there is no money for a call centre? down arrow

When multiple customer support employees are involved in dialogue with consumers, the TEMVOX.Chat chat platform greatly enhances and streamlines their work. It is an omnichannel platform, operating across various communication channels, offering the following advantages: - Your operators efficiently manage multiple conversations simultaneously within a unified interface, regardless of the originating channels. - Seamless switching between communication channels enables clients to start conversations on WhatsApp and continue on Telegram. The complete conversation history is always accessible. The platform provides comprehensive and precise analytics on its usage, including integration with popular CRMs.

How can I quickly obtain feedback about products from all of the customers? down arrow

The easiest way to conduct mass NPS surveys is to use intelligent TEMVOX bots. They work round the clock using flexible scripts, making them perfect for routine tasks. TEMVOX voice bots can make hundreds of calls, recognize natural speech, and save data automatically in your system. They generate reports and analytics on call results. TEMVOX chat bots perform the same functions in messengers or on your website. This frees up your employees and reduces communication costs. Tip: You can connect a bot at the end of a call or conversation to conduct an NPS survey and save the results, even when speaking to a live operator.


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