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Our chat widget enables continuous real-time Q&A sessions with customers and site visitors. Operators handle inquiries during working hours, while an AI-powered bot seamlessly takes over during non-working hours and weekends, ensuring no leads are missed.


Get control over your
correspondence with
in 4 simple steps:


Registration in
personal account

Creating and
configurating your chat

Channel detection,
widget and panel setup

Embedding widget
code on your site

Upon registration in your personal account, an automated test bot will be promptly loaded. Our managers are available to provide support at every stage.

Use audio bots for:


Real-time communication

The dialog in the widget allows you to instantly answer users' questions, and the bot to unload operators after hours..


Parallel communications

The advantage of the widget is that, unlike a live operator, the bot can conduct several dozen conversations on the page at the same time.


Informing customers

IOnline chat will provide customers with detailed information and recommendations for each product or service directly on the website.


Integration with CRM

Online chats are easily integrated with all popular CRM, instant messengers and other platforms, including ChatGPT.



The online consultant automatically collects feedback from customers to improve the quality of service.


Multilingual support

All TEMVOX products support different languages, providing communication with customers around the world.


Using AI

The products use artificial intelligence to recognize the intentions and speech of the interlocutor, as well as conducting a dialogue in natural language.


Branding and customization

Easily create a widget on the site corresponding to your corporate identity and brandbook.


Mobile adaptation

TEMVOX online consultants are optimized for use on mobile

Use the TEMVOX widget for dialogues with visitors to your site. And if you are a web studio, implement a widget on websites for your clients under special conditions.


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